About adalawblog

The ADA and the ADAAA require businesses to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Examples of reasonable accommodations include restructuring a job position, modifying a work schedule, and acquiring or modifying work equipment, among others.

Determining how to comply with a business’s legal requirements to accommodate an employee’s disability is not always a straightforward process. In this blog, Renee Culotta will offer employers ideas about how to meet reasonable accommodation requirements without placing undue stress on the work environment.

Frilot LLC’s Labor and Employment Team

Frilot L.L.C.’s Labor and Employment practice area offers expertise and representation to clients ranging from a 60,000-employee Fortune 500 company to individual entrepreneurs. Our attorneys’ expertise is used to regularly advise our clients on how to deal with the myriad labor and employment laws and to build and maintain competent and loyal workforces. The firm’s client base includes healthcare facilities, financial and lending institutions, major oil and gas companies, oilfield support and construction firms, refineries, and retail establishments, among others.

We have a reputation as staunch advocates of management rights in the workplace and in the courtroom. We regularly handle and try cases around the country in state and federal courts involving  the following:

  • Title VII,
  • ADA,
  • ADEA,
  • wage and hour,
  • FMLA,
  • ERISA,
  • whistleblowing,
  • retaliation,
  • and various state and common law claims.

We also represent our clients in matters before state and federal administrative agencies, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Department of Labor, the National Labor Relations Board, the Office of Federal Contract Compliance, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The firm is national employment counsel for a close up Fortune 500 retailer with 3,400 stores and 44,000 employees, and has successfully litigated discrimination cases in over 30 states.


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